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"Using Agilis is easy and straightforward. The Astro team didn't require any special training—the platform interface is very intuitive, and all functions are easy to understand and access."

Cj DIamond
President, Astro Chemicals

"I was introduced to Agilis as a single buying platform for procurement of raw materials used in our manufacturing operations. With Agilis platform, I have been the beneficiary of efficiency in ordering materials, faster response times to my requests from the suppliers, and over 10% savings on some key materials. Agilis is the future, and I highly recommend it."

David Fine
‍‍oWner, FMI Paint & Chemical Inc

"With combination of Agilis' unique leads Engine, advanced digital marketing, and technical expertise of Agilis team, we have moved from unknown entity in N America to qualifying our innovative products to industry-leading customers - in less than 6 months.

Es Lee
Vice President, Sales - APEC