Seven Must-Have Capabilities for your Digital Commerce Platform

A commerce platform for the chemical industry

Grow faster with your own digital commerce portal

Why trust your business to generic marketplaces that don’t understand the complexities of your business?
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Hear why industry leaders trust Agilis to launch their digital commerce channels

“Our customers have embraced the digital commerce portal we launched on Agilis platform. Within a year, we have seen a significant growth in sales, an increase in repeat orders and a significant improvement in sales efficiency thanks to the self-service features of the Agilis portal.“

Marius Vaarkamp
Business Director, BASF Corporation

Create a superior experience for your customers and partners

Digital tools for every part of the customer journey

Search & Select

Explore Options &
Initiate Transactions

Negotiate Prices &
Place Orders

Track & Receive

Reorder with one click &
Receive Support

Search & Select Products

Your customers are looking for a modern, digital buying experience 
Find and engage customers early in their buying journey
Tools for Marketing Teams

Explore Options &
Initiate Transactions

Make it easy for customers to do business with you
Offer them speed, security and convenience of digital buying—without disrupting existing supply chains and partners
Tools for Sales Teams

Negotiate Prices & Place Orders

Add agility and transparency to the buying experience
Implement digital channels without disrupting existing processes
Tools for Sales Teams

Track & receive orders

Let technology help with routine tasks
Free up your sales and marketing teams to focus on strategic initiatives
Tools for Customer Services Teams

Reorder with one click,
Receive Support

Build deeper connections with your customers
Simplify reordering and provide ongoing customer support
Tools for Customer Services Teams
Dashboards & Analytics

Track your entire business in real time, in just a few clicks

Reach new markets and grow repeat sales with the power of analytics
Tools for Management Teams

Agilis delivers a streamlined, convenient, and secure digital buying experience for the chemical industry


See how Agilis can build your digital storefront to help you find and engage new customers and grow sales

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